Firewood is advertised and sold by producers in varying quantities such as pick-up loads,cords, face cords, by the cubic metre and many other clever means designed to get your attention and ultimately your business.  The lowest price per cord advertised in your area does not guarantee that the "real cost per cord" is the advertised price.  Another consideration may be whether the firewood you purchase was obtained legally or not.  Can your firewood producer demonstrate that the the wood was cut under contract or permit and that it is legal for sale?  Does your firewood producer have adequte insurance and WCB Coverage?  Does the price include delivery?  Does the wood need to be split again so you can handle it? is a usefull site for more information about firewood and wood heating.Wood Moisture Test :Add 1 piece of wood to the top of an established fire.  If it starts to burn on 3 sides within 1 minute, it is dry and seasoned and right for burning.  If it turns black and starts to burn in 3 minutes, it is damp.  If it turns black and does not start burning until after 5 minutes, it is green and wet.  If it hisses at any time the wood is wet and will not burn until excess moisture is boiled away.
The interest in alternative energy sources such as wood to heat our homes has been increasing dramatically over the last several years.  Wood stove efficiencies have also been improving, making the decision to burn wood easier for many people.With the current price of fossil fuels used to heat many homes and power our vehicles being one of the main causes of inflation, and one of the largest annual home expenses, wood heat makes sense. Go to here for some good stuff

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A cord is equal to 128 cubic feet of firewood. 
Legal units of measurement for firewood are the cord, fractions of a cord, cubic feet, the stacked cubic metre and fractions of a stacked cubic metre. 
Beware of units of measurement that are not recognized in Canada (illegal), You are likely to receive less firewood for your money. 
Verify that the quantity of firewood received is the same as the quantity paid for 
If you have any questions or complaints regarding the quantity of firewood received, contact the nearest Measurement Canada office 

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We take pride in our personalized service, ensuring all customers receive excellent seasoned firewood for whatever application:  woodstove, fireplace, furnace etc.

  The latest issue of the Ontario Woodlot Association Newsletter contains this very                interesting article and we "wood" like to share it with everyone. 

                         Efficient Wood Heating is Good for the Environment.doc.
If a wood supplier advertises his wood as "seasoned", or claims that it has been "down" for a year or two   or ten, be skeptical.   As fall progresses and the air carries more moisture, if firewood logs are not at least 2 years old and covered, chances are your wood is going to have more than 20% moisture content.  This   means your wood will not pass the moisture test mentioned above.  You will be creating more smoke and   less heat.  This makes your wood more expensive in real terms and increases the buildup of creosote in    your chimney.  
Wet wood = More smoke = More Expensive.  
Burn Dry Wood = Burn Smart = Burn Clean = More Heat For Your Money!!!

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